Top Management message

  • Ali A. Al-Hazmi | President

    Welcome to SASREF’s website. My name is Ali Al-Hazmi and I am the President of SASREF. SASREF is a joint venture company of Saudi Aramco and Shell, two of the biggest oil and gas company in the world! SASREF aspires to be the best petroleum refinery company not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also in Asia and Middle East. We put high focus on health, safety, ethics and employee value propositions (EVPs) of all our employees, and also the preservation of environment. We want to be the Employer-of-First-Choice in the Kingdom and provide the best career path, training and development to all our employees, in addition to highly competitive compensation and benefits package, including home ownership scheme. In near future, we look forward on the growth and expansion of our refinery, in line with the Kingdom’s vision on economic and nation’s growth.

  • Roelof Heezen | Executive Vice President

    Welcome to SASREF’s website. My name is Roelof Heezen, the Vice President of SASREF. I am a Dutch national and seconded by Shell to SASREF. Shell had brought a number of state of the art refining technology into SASREF covering hydrocracking, distillation, visbreaking, hydrogen manufacturing and others. Our operation and technical staff are highly trained using the latest training simulator tools and coached by highly experienced mentors. We had also built expertise in the engineering areas covering refinery technology and processes, instrumentation, rotating/mechanical, electrical, civil and projects. Therefore, SASREF is indeed the first-choice employer for you to build your long term and successful career with us.